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God Wants To Fix Your Transmurner Before You Ask Him


Do take time to read this, for me it is such good timing on my journey of prayer. God is good, I am grateful.

God Wants To Fix Your Transmurner Before You Ask Him.

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Wellspring by Regina


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Hot, Cold or “About Right but Indifferent” ?

Now I don’t know what you believe in, but if you have read this blog then you will be aware that I follow Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, I am what is commonly referred to as a Christian, or believer or hypocrite or fruit-loop.

I am called many things dependant upon the way I live my life and the filter of the person judging me at that point before labelling me.  

I am one of those Jesus followers who believe that God speaks today, both through His inspired Holy word in the Bible and supernaturally into our hearts/minds by various means through the Holy Spirit who lives in us that follow Jesus.

I guess that places me in the jargonistic Christian sub-category of evangelical charismatic, if that means anything to you at all.

Over my life with Jesus, which began in 1995 I have gone through what I believe to be times of great intimacy with God where I am so certain of who I am and that I am loved. I have been through dry and dusty times where I seem to be on the steeply sloping upward incline of an endless desert. I have also been through times where I am somewhere in the middle.

I don’t like the desert but I like the middle even less.


I think it is because when I am in the desert, I quickly know what (who) I need and will cry out for Him (fresh intimacy and joy), I am more than existing as I am striving.

The middle though, is a very dangerous place – Laodicean even. I think it is a place of deceptive warmth where everything feels just right for a while, a place where you can settle and go comfortably numb as if being drip fed with tranquilizers. I think that it is a place where everything seems to just become a grey distraction-shaped cloud of lukewarmness and it is too easy to no longer keep the main thing the main thing. I think that it is a place to no longer keep-on keeping-on but to stay, stop and  believe the lie that everything is OK, someone else will answer that call…

The main thing for me is to keep my relationship with Jesus.

The main thing is for me to remember that I am important as God gave His Son for me, so I must be important.

Without Him I am really incomplete after I found that no-one and nothing else can make me complete.

That’s me.

Strange, but fearfully and wonderfully made.

What about you?

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