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What’s Dead in Your Life?

The Holy Spirit bring life to the lifeless husk.


In this season of renewed faith, my heart is stirring—swelling with the possibilities of the concept found in Ezekiel 37. It by no means is a new idea, but as we know the distractions of weak faith can cause a forgetfulness to settle on us—keeping us from remembering the tools God has provided for us to live successfully. And seriously, if we will apply these concepts—our life will change.

First let me give you a little insight as to what’s happening in Ezekiel 37. God takes Ezekiel to a valley of dry dead bones—this was not just a few dead bodies but a whole valley full, and asks him a question, He says, “Can these bones live?” What God is really asking Ezekiel is “Do you believe—do you have the faith to believe what’s dead can come to life?”

Such a simple question, but so deep and personal.

God is…

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Ezekiel 6 Mountains are firm and unmovab

At times, we can get perspective all wrong in such a way that the struggles that come against us, the battles seem great, like a mountain, but nothing is bigger out mightier that our God.

Missions Paul

Ezekiel 6

Mountains are firm and unmovable.
Mountains are fixed, durable and last forever.
Mountains are prominent and tower over you.
Mountains call for respect and awe and worship.
Mountains are symbolic for the many challenges we face, they are not physical but situational.

I wake to such mountains today as I do every day.
But today is different.
Today I set my face against such domineering high places.
Today I prophecy against them.
I speak to remove their grip on my life and that of others I love too.

I do it to know him who is higher than the mountains that I face.

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