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Perspective Change

There’s such a fragrance of Jesus in Regina’s posts, each time I am prompted to to read one of these pieces, it is always the right time with the right words my heart, soul & body.


Sometimes when life isn’t really life, but just an existence, all we may need is a perspective change.

Here is an example of a perspective change. I’m on vacation at a friend’s house in sunny California, I’m outside sitting at a picnic table, facing their side yard. When I look up I see an empty dog run, dead grass and a junk pilethis is my current perspective.

If I just sat here the whole three days, never shifted, turned or looked around this would be all I see and all I know of my friends dwelling. And when I get home all I would have to say about Teresa’s house is, “they don’t have a dog, never water their grass and don’t make dump runs.”

But if I make a shiftby simply turning, I see a beautiful blue swimming pool with a persuasive diving board. A…

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