Yes, me too Lord

I read a new post by Regina Forest  in her Thirsty? blog and felt compelled to respond as here:

So many times I have reasoned, tarried, wondered and delayed instead of simply saying Yes Lord. I want to be a yes-man for God, when He calls me, that I will simply say Yes Lord, here I am.

Instead of excusing myself by pointing to something important in my life that I have to do first, see the life ahead as putting Him and His will wholly and totally first. Do any of us, truly consistently live like that?

I know that He is the God of second (and many more) chances, but I would love to move into a life of simply not needing them.

Years ago, a guy prayed for me and told me that my issue us that I don’t trust Jesus enough…my wife was hurt by this on my behalf although I was quietly in agreement and without beating myself up, I can see a trail of evidence to support this in my life.

Sometimes I wonder why people look at me as such a “man of Faith” or a model to follow…it is generally unhelpful as I am just trying to follow Jesus and I know that I mess up, my Father knows that I mess up and He loves me just the same.

I just don’t like the idea of people following me (unless it is twitter!), I must simply point to Jesus, we all must if we love Him.

A colleague at work asked me about Christmas plans and I got to talking about stuff with a street pastor in the city where I work, getting hats, scarves, sleeping bags and stuff together to help and went on to speak of the night-shelter in my home town and how I will be supporting that enterprise.

She kind of looked at me with a little bit of shamed admiration saying she doesn’t know  how I have for all that. Truth is, I think, that I spent more time crashed out in front of a TV or asleep if I am not working…

I am far from the best husband and father in the world.

I am not perfect.

I am, however, loved.

I have faith, but like most of us, always need more!

I met a young lady who is managing a Christmas night-shelter we (the Churches in Redditch) supporting, she is radically transformed from a life of selling cocaine and street fighting to amazing service reaching out to rough-sleeping addicts and I am challenged… I know that is not my calling but I want to be that responsive.

Yes Lord, Here I am, Send me.

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